Sunday Sketchbook: Road Trip

My apologies for the gaps between posts. I've been in the midst of settling my Mom's estate, and painting has had to take a back seat while my duties have called me away. I have managed to keep my sketchbook going--the top drawing is from the passenger seat during a snow storm on the drive south. I say in the sketch below: "Sitting in Au Bon Pain on 19th Street, waiting for my new passport to be issued. Feels odd to be alone in a city again--been awhile. Very relieved passport ready today at 2:00--the three hours until then feels like a gift of time. I'm going over to the Museum of American Art to look at paintings for a few hours..."

The paintings and folk art I saw in my brief visit to the museum refreshed my frazzled spirit. I left thinking about this quote from artist Hans Hoffman: "Being inexhaustible, Life and Nature are a constant stimulus for the creative mind."