“Painting Provence”

Join acclaimed artist Susan Abbott on a stunning visual tour through the vineyards, markets, villages, and lavender fields of Southern France. Abbott's luminous oil and watercolor paintings and her insightful essays about this unique place will appeal to both art lovers and armchair travelers.

With ten chapters and over one hundred and forty paintings.

From a five star review:

This is a phenomenal compilation of Susan’s work. She is a master of color and light, and it is a joy to flip through these pages and be transported to France. Absolutely gorgeous.

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Provence_cover copy.jpg

From a five star review:

I have been a fan and follower of Susan Abbott’s paintings for a long time. This is a beautiful collection that captures the artist’s exquisite work, fantastic eye, and her love of place.

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From a five star review:

With text and images, you are transported to life in Provence, getting a deep feel for its unique beauty, and the day to day rhythms of life there. I was struck by the vividness, accuracy and luminosity of the images—I didn’t know a digital book could capture and display painted images with such incredible complexity and depth. It’s like seeing the paintings in person. I highly recommend this book if you want to fall in love with Provence.