Update on Ferrisburgh post 11/12/08

Richard Kerschner of Ferrrisburg contacted me this weekend to ask permission to reproduce my painting of the Ferrisburgh Grange/Town Hall for use on a brochure. He's a member of the Friends of Ferrisburgh for Responsible Growth, recently formed to urge residents to join in protest against a proposed large truck stop/convenience store/McDonalds on Route 7 within sight of the stretch of road in my painting. He said the grange hall in my image "will stand in wonderful contrast to photos of the 106 foot long gas pump pavilion and 72 foot long diesel pump pavilion proposed as part of this project. "

What's the problem with building this "convenience store"? Richard's group thinks that it will compete unfairly with existing businesses, that it's out of scale and not in character with the rest of the town (ie., it's ugly), that the food offered is terrible for locals, and most importantly I think, that the building will open the door for further commercial strip development along this section of Route 7 (see Route 7 south of Burlington for possible future!)

They'll be a Planning Commission site plan review on Wednesday, Feb 18th at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall, if you'd like to add your opinion on whether this proposed development will benefit the town of Ferrisburgh and Route 7 . And if you'd like to help Richard in his efforts against this very sprawling "convenience" and fast food spot, email him at rskersch@comcast.net.