Hurricane Irene!

Many of the towns I've visited, sketched, and profiled on this blog have been severely damaged by flooding brought by the torrential downpours of Hurricane Irene on August 28th. As I continue to travel around the state in the coming months, I'll be posting what I'm seeing--and I'm guessing I'll see many places untouched by damage, many hard at work rebuilding, and a few that are changed forever.

Meanwhile, to help out on the rebuilding front, I'm offering the painted photos that illustrate this blog for sale at a discounted price, and I'm donating 100% of sales to flood relief efforts in Vermont. You can take a look here for more information, including how to purchase.

Another way you can help Vermont is to come and visit! Most of the state is open for exploring, and as you have seen from this blog, there are endless dirt roads waiting for you and your sketchbook (or camera)...