For the last ten winters I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Hope Town in Elbow Cay, Bahamas to paint and teach. Each January, residents there grew used to seeing me standing on the street trying to get down in oils or watercolors all the wonderful subjects their island offered. These warm Hope Towners welcomed me into their community as a friend.

When Category 5 Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Elbow Cay and the rest of the Abaco Islands, winds and storm surge caused an almost complete loss of housing and infrastructure. Every home, boat, beach, and tree pictured here has been destroyed or damaged. These paintings, many of them sold (and some of them purchased by homeowners on Elbow Cay, so now gone) have a new meaning for me in the light of what’s happened to this special place.

Elbow Cay is doing an amazing job of organizing itself for recovery, but the people that call it home have a very long and uncertain road ahead. To donate to rebuilding and relief for those on the island, including some who have lost everything they owned, please follow this link.

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