Art and Safe Water Update

We did it! I'm delighted to tell you that, thanks to the generosity of my blog readers, we reached our goal of raising $3,000. to help buy pipe to bring safe drinking water to Batey Libertad. This community of Haitian workers in the Dominican Republic asked my son Colin's service group to help them buy the plumbing supplies, so that they could lay pipe from a clean water reservoir to their village. Colin and his UVM professor raised the rest of the sum needed, and we can now send the Batey Libertad the money they need to make a real change for the better in their lives. During Thanksgiving break, Colin and I will be visiting the Batey Libertad, where we'll paint, take photographs, and help with the project. Thanks again to all of you who donated--your gift is much appreciated by these deserving folks!
Photograph Colin Arisman

Update on the Safe Water project: We had a great trip to the DR and the Batey. Colin and I delivered the funds we'd raised, and the community is now at work with an engineer to design an effective water delivery system. We stayed busy taking photos, painting and exploring some of this beautiful country. I hope to get back there soon!