Studio Views

I've been working this month on a new series of oil landscapes in preparation for a show this August at West Branch Gallery in Stowe.

This is my new easel from David Sorg, which will be helpful for the larger canvases I'm about to begin. No cranks to raise or lower--it's counter weighted, and slides up and down easily. A boon to my posture!

Mia likes to lounge around close by my brush while I'm trying to prepare canvases. I've been gluing linen to wood panels, then applying Art Board's excellent acrylic gesso. (That's a painting by Euan Uglow in the open book.)

Still life props and favorite postcards: Tom Thomson, Vincent Desiderio, Gerhard Richter, Catherine Murphy, Vermeer, Linden Frederick, John Sell Cotman. (Like most painters, I have eclectic tastes.)

New paintings I'm working on are images of New England summers--and not so far removed from our December weather, which has yet to see a lasting snow. Hopefully this week the cold white blanket of Vermont winter will arrive, and be the view from my studio hibernation until a Bahamas workshop in February.