Paintings from my new "Camino" series included in "Wildlands" Exhibit


Two of my "Camino" paintings are featured in the current "Wildlands" exhibit in Springfield, VT's Great Hall.

"In the 19th Century American landscape painters gave people a glimpse into the magic of wild places and long before the days of film they helped spur the public call for preservation of wilderness rather than exploitation for resources.

WILDLANDS, a new exhibition opening on October 12 at the Great Hall, 100 River Street in Springfield, VT, celebrates our public lands and national parks, and the beauty and experiences we enjoy in our publicly owned wild spaces. The show’s intention is to put a spotlight on preservation and how societies come to value and live in balance with natural resources in a time of climate change, development and political stresses that threaten our wild places."

The exhibition runs through March 30, 2018.


Susan AbbottComment